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Price List

Cutting and Styling services

Dry Cut                                                        £18.00*
Short Wash & Cut                                     £22.00*
Long Wash And Cut                                 £25.00*
Short Cut And Blow Dry                         £37.00*
Long Cut And Blow Dry                          £44.00*
Children's Cut (Under 14

*A £10.00 Surcharge Will Be Added

For Restyling     

All Over Clipper Cut                                £12.00

Blow Dry Short Hair From                     £24.00
Blow Dry Long Hair From                      £32.00

Conditioning Treatment From             £12.00

Hair up/Curling/Plaits By Quotation


(Prices not inclusive of cut & blow dry, £10.00 will be added to colours booked without a cut or blow dry)


Pallets Half Head From                          £44.00
Pallets Full Head From                           £64.00

Foils Half Head From                              £52.00

Foils Full Head From                               £72.00
Root Tint                                                    £40.00
Full Head Tint                                           £46.00
Ombre/Balayage From                           £67.00
Ombre/Balayage Refresh                      £52.00

Toners (As Part Of Colour  Service)     £22.00
Toner (Stand Alone)                                 £24.00


Colour Slices/Free Hand/Correction Work By Quotation

Please Note

-All colour slices and correction work by quotation.
-Extra may be charged for complete restyles or more technical work.
-Deposits may be taken 
-All colours are subject to a consultation and skin allergy test which must be carried out 48 hours beforehand.


Deposit Policy 

We now require 20% deposit for every new client booking a colour service, this deposit will be used as part of your payment towards your final service cost. This deposit will be fully refundable if you cancel, as long as we have at least 24 hour notice.

Our cancellation policy is strictly minimum 24 hour notice to cancel your appointment, if any appointment is cancelled, moved or not attended within 24hours the deposit will be kept due to the loss of earnings for the salon.  For any future bookings then made a new deposit will need to be taken again.

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